Žiga Strgar

web developer, programmer, explorer & life long learner

So, who am I?

I am Žiga Strgar. Freelancer, web enthusiast, loves to work on projects with deeper connotation.

Yeah well that statement above is 100% correct but I think I'm so much more than "just" that. Yes my passion is web development and solving problems but underneath all of that I'm a regular boy finding his relaxation in reading all kinds of books (usually non-fiction ones), TV shows and of course last but not least hanging out with my friends.

Web development, huuh? Started with it back in 2010 or 2011. While I was still in elementary school. Those websites weren't so cool & pretty but I got into it. They contained only HTML and CSS. And I was using NVU. Which means I didn't even bother with how the page was looking underneath all that visual representation inside the program.

And then here it is. Secondary school, project week and a course where I got introduced to PHP and MySQL. I liked it and that's why I started with digging into PHP and SQL. Started working on web pages for my friends, for me, my mom's company, etc. In 2 years I learned pretty much everything to make a high quality web page not vulnerable to SQL Injection, XSS. At some point I wanted to re-create a CMS like Wordpress but I quit when project was like 25% done :(

In late 2015 I discovered the PHP framework Laravel at first I couldn't wrap my head around it but once I found Laracasts it was like poetry. Instantly enjoyed the development process and the whole structure how Laravel is built, booted and what kind of features it provides "out of the box". Also I've attended first LaraCon Online 2017 on March 8th.

Beside web development I'm also diving into the world of mobile development and desktop languages. In the mobile world I'm working with Swift, for development of iOS applications. So far I just stayed with "playground" application, nothing is published on AppStore so far. As desktop languages I'm referring to Java and C#, C# is still from my high school years, but Java is more of a recent thing as we do all the assignments for faculty in it. Lately I'm getting my hands dirty with Python in the world of Data Mining as part of the faculty curriculum.

Recently my professional life is covered with Node.JS development which is quite similar to Laravel but, different :) And my perosnal life is filled with learning French. Oui, Française. Out of all languages. It's my passion to learn French and someday live for a bit on the southern beaches of France.

On my programming bucket list are still this languages: SmallTalk, Go, Ruby on Rails.